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David Letellier

Dave Letellier's solo career started nearly twenty years ago in Western Massachusetts.  He played area clubs, fairs and wedding ceremonies, sharing his gift of music with others.

After an eight year gig, during which David played his music at the Wine Gardens every night at the Eastern States Exposition, he started a group called Cottonwood.  David expressed his country style, penning a volume of songs which he performed at fairs, clubs and area benefits.  The band's recording of the album Out on a Limb included many of David's originals, and highlighted him as the group's lead singer.  The album met with tremendous response.  Dave continued with Cottonwood until November, 1996.

At this time, David decided to pursue a solo career where his real musical love lies -- playing benefit concerts, coffeehouses, and religious avenues.  He finds his strength in his original blend of folk, country and Christian music, where he touches the hearts of all who come into contact with his sons' lyrics.

In the near future Dave anticipates producing and recording a collection of new and original tunes.  His purpose is to take his positive message of love and hope, and share them with all.

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Some of David Letellier's Musical Experiences

Solo Guitarist Appearances

  • Storrowtown Wine Gardens, 1984-92
  • Black Sheep Cafe, 1995-96
  • Fedora's Tavern, 1995-97
  • Chuck's Steakhouse, 1990

Performances with Cottonwood, 1991-96

  • Concerts from Burlington, Vermont to Central Connecticut
  • Miller Stage -- Eastern States Exposition
  • Taste of Chicopee
  • Celebrate Holyoke
  • Recorded Out on a Limb, 1994
  • Iron Horse Concert Hall, 1994-95

Benefit Concerts

  • Cerebral Palsy Telethons, 1993-97
  • Ashley O'Connell Benefit, Northampton
  • David Weeks Benefit, Chicopee

Northampton Arts Council

  • Transperformance (as Garth Brooks), 1996

Choir Director and Lead Guitarist/Vocalist, 1984-98

  • 1997 Recording, Only in God, with St. Theresa's Contemporary Choir

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Booking Information

David Lettellier
416 Pearl St.
South Hadley, MA 01075

(413) 532-3026