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  • October - Peter Lehndorff; Noho Song & Story Swap; Coho concert series; Concert for Puerto Rico; Theme: Weather
  • September - Jeff Lee; Cosy Sheridan at Coho; John O'Connor house concert; Theme: Vacation
  • June - Tim Van Egmond; Beatles night pays; Theme: Fish Stories
  • May - Acoustic Beatles Night!; Charlie King CD release; Theme: The Beatles
  • April - Peter Newland; Theme: Beauty
  • March - Robin Greenstein; Deafinitions Conference; Theme: Happy
  • February - Sally Rogers; Theme: Taking a Stand
  • January - Dennis Caraher; PMN Gathering seeks housing; Pioneer Valley Folk expands; Theme: Renewal


  • December - Sheryl Stanton; Theme: Joy and Despair
  • November - Peg Loughran; Reggie Harris & Pat Wictor at Coho; Theme: Travel
  • October - Orlen & Gabriel; Theme: Haunting
  • September - Eric Lee; James McCarthy house concert; Theme: Mythology
  • June - Rob Peck; PMN Summer Gathering; Theme: Hands
  • May - David and Sophie Buskin; Theme: Questions
  • April - In Concert! - Annie Patterson & Friends; Bob Blue Tribute videos
  • March - The Songs of Bob Blue; Theme: Courage
  • February - Paul Kaplan; FCC seeks performers; Theme: Hearts
  • January - Chris Elliott; Theme: Ring


  • December - Jim Armenti; Theme: The Ocean
  • November - Ray Mason; Remembering Bill Keith; Theme: Home Furnishings
  • October - Pat & Tex LaMountain; Rise Again show; Other concerts of note; Theme: Beverages
  • September - Jim Scott; Rise Again is available; Theme: The Forest
  • June - Molly Scott; Local summer concert series; Theme: Fruits and Vegetables
  • May - Pete Nelson; Theme: Lost
  • April - Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen; Theme: Yellow
  • March - Greg Alexander; Dana & Susan Robinson house concert; Theme: Snow
  • February - Donna Hébert & Max Cohen; Pioneer Valley Folk playlist; Theme: Bugs
  • January - Snowed out


  • December - Jim Rooney & Chris Brashear; In It For the Long Run book signing: Remembering Karen Brandow and Rick Lee; Theme: Different Times
  • November - Craig Morrison; Coho concerts: All Folked Up; Sheesham & Lotus & Son, Cindy Kallet and Grey Larsen; Pat & Tex LaMountain CD Release; Theme: Canada
  • October - Art Steele; Gordon Bok house concert; Cliff Eberhardt article; Theme: Metal
  • September - An evening with Cliff Eberhardt; First Friday Coho show on 9/5; Paul Kaplan and Jim Malcolm on 9/12
  • Summer - Three upcoming concerts: Honoring Peter & Kathy Lendhorff; Carrying on the Legacy of Pete Seeger; An evening with Cliff Eberhardt
  • June - Lorre Wyatt and Micahel Nix; Theme: Old Favorites
  • May - Irthlingz Acoustic Duo - Sharon Abreu and Michael Hurwicz; Theme: Carrying On
  • April - Bob Reiser; Lou and Peter Berryman house concert; Theme: Freedom
  • March - Doug Schmolze; Sharing the Fire Conference; Theme: Boom and Bust
  • February - Jackson Gillman; R.I.P. Pete Seeger; Theme: Stars
  • January - Bruce & Rick King; Theme: Sun


  • December - Sol Weber; Richard Berman concert; Theme: Shapes
  • November - Ben Demerath; Theme: Guilt
  • October - Sue Burkhart; Theme: Tears
  • September - Jay Mankita; Sponsors wanted; Theme: Funny
  • June - Verne McArthur; Theme: Journeys
  • May - An evening with Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen
  • April - Banish Misfortune; Coming May 4 - Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen; Theme: Misfortune
  • March - John Coster; Theme: Hearts
  • February - Raianne Richards & Mark Mandeville; May concert suggestions sought; Jay Mankita/Dean Stevens at Cohousing 2/1; Theme: "Rise Again" Songs
  • January - Ben Grosscup; PMN Winter Gathering; Theme: Ecology


  • December - Rochelle Wildfong; Theme: Storms
  • November - Yankee Notions; Theme: Buying and Selling
  • October - Jose and Ahmed Gonzalez; Theme: Immigration
  • September - Sean Vernon; Down Home at Watermelon Wednesdays; Lou Reviews Tracy Grammer & Jim Henry; Theme: Great Britain
  • June - An evening with Tracy Grammer & Jim Henry
  • May - Tim Jennings & Leanne Ponder; Coming June 2 - Tracy Grammer & Jim Henry; Theme: Rogues
  • April - Don Dixon; Theme: Wisdom
  • March - Davis Bates; Theme: Broken Love
  • February - Carrie Fergusson; Theme: Animals
  • January - Jackson Gillman; Theme: Teachers


  • December - Rona Leventhal; Theme: Foreign Lands
  • November - Annie Patterson; Theme: Rebellion
  • October - Sarah Pirtle; Dave Mallett workshop; Theme: Friendship
  • September - Paul Kaplan with Michael Orlen in Concert
  • June - Kate O'Connor & Rico Spence; Theme: Peace
  • May - Tim Eriksen; Lou Wigdor reviews Mahmoud Ahmed and the Either/Orchestra; Theme: Flowers
  • April - Eva Cappelli & the Watershops Band; uNi Coffeehouse spring schedule; Theme: Fool
  • March - Erica Wheeler; Theme: Spring Fever
  • February - Michael Silverstone; Theme: Elementary School
  • January - Ameri-MF-cana; Theme: Dreams


  • December - David Jones; Theme: A funny thing happened...
  • November - John Porcino; Theme: Choices
  • October - Small Change; Theme: Baseball, Hotdogs, Apple pie
  • September - An evening with Rani Arbo and Daisy Mayhem
  • June - Shingle the Roof; Theme: Cats and Dogs; An Evening with Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem on Sept 4
  • May - Tim Van Egmond; Theme: Towns and Cities; Lui Collins/Annie Patterson May 29 concert; Wig & Pen
  • April - Sue Kranz & Paul Kaplan; Theme: Luck
  • March - Charlie King & Karen Brandow; Theme: Strong Women
  • February - Lui Collins; Theme: Winter; Panharmonium seeks musicians
  • January - Green River String Band; Theme: Good Deeds; Lou's Reviews - Richard Shindell


  • December - Song leaders Roger Conant, Elizabeth Farnsworth & Paul Kaplan; Theme: Songs and Stories of the Season
  • November - John Currie; Theme: Stuff; Sing Out for Single Payer
  • October - Peter Lehndorff; Theme: Black; Connecticut River Song Concert
  • September - Motoko; Theme: Houses; September shows: Bread & Puppet, Tom Juravich; Agawam Celtic series
  • June - An evening with John Roberts and Tony Barrand
  • May - Robin O'Herin; Theme: Blue; Roberts and Barrand to give June 6 concert
  • April - Tom Neilson; Theme: The Body
  • March - Michael Orlen; Theme: Wind; Music at Munson
  • February - Yosl (Joe) Kurland; Theme: Underdogs; Lou's Reviews - Rani Arbo & Andrew Kinsey
  • January - Rani Arbo & Andrew Kinsey; Theme: Change


  • December (Easy Wind; Theme: The Connecticut River )
  • November (Kathy Chapman; Theme: Falling)
  • October (Bob Reiser; Theme: Forgetfulness)
  • September (Andrew Lawrence; Theme: Love)
  • June (Three of Cups; Theme: Disguise, Deception and Trickery)
  • May (An evening with Bill Staines; Take Heart in Hard Times in Greenfield)
  • April (Sue Kranz; Bill Staines to give concert; Paul Kaplan CD release; Theme: Ships)
  • March (Katie Clarke and the Green River Band; Theme: The Sun)
  • February (Nancy Rockland-Miller; Theme: Evil)
  • January (Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen; Theme: Two)


  • December (Katherine Rhoda; Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen coming to town; Theme: Jealousy)
  • November (Chris Yerlig; Theme: Age)
  • October (Pat & Tex LaMountain; Theme: Texas)
  • September (Ben Grosscup & Dan Inglis; Theme: Farming)
  • June (Kevin O'Hara; Theme: Travel; Laws threaten folk)
  • May (Jennie McAvoy; Theme: Mothers; Echo Lake Coffeehouse; PublicRadioFan.com)
  • April (Debra Cowan; Theme: Holidays; Putting the "Public" back in Public Radio)
  • March (Terry Kitchen; Theme: Madness; Lighthearted Songs and Music Games; Saving Valley Folk)
  • February (Tim Van Egmond; Theme: Pets; Save Valley Folk! organizational meeting)
  • January (John Roberts; Theme: The Tropics; WFCR drops folk)


  • December (Annie Patterson & Peter Blood; Theme: Home)
  • November (Agnes Zsigmondi; Theme: Water)
  • October (Henry Lappen; Theme: Drinking)
  • September (Peter Siegel; Theme: Art; New home at The Nacul Center)
  • June (Paul Kaplan; Theme: Cars; Summer music fests)
  • May (Levin Schwartz; Theme: Flowers; 1794 Meetinghouse series)
  • April (Remembering Bob Blue; Ysaye Barnwell workshop May 6-7)
  • March (Katie Green; Lou & Peter Berryman coming to Northampton; Theme: Ireland)
  • February (The Shapeshifters; Theme: Travel)
  • January (Donna Hébert & Max Cohen; Theme: Fire; Adieu to the Black Sheep; PMN Winter Gathering)


  • December (David Sharpe; Theme: Peace)
  • November (Kate Mesmer; No more postcards; Theme: Middles)
  • October (Adam Sweeney; Theme: Rivers)
  • September (Margaret MacArthur; Theme: Tradition)
  • July (Dáithí Sproule; Theme: Blame; July shape note sings)
  • June (Members of Panharmonium; Theme: Creation; Summer folk festivals and series)
  • May (Bob Norman; Theme: Incredible)
  • April (Ken Perlman; Theme: Discovery; Amherst concertina workshop; Recent recordings by Zoe Darrow, José Gonzalez, Polly Fiveash & Anand Nayak, Jeff Snow, Brooks Williams, Signature Sounds artists)
  • March (Jay Mankita; Theme: Happy Endings; Ysaye Barnwell workshop; New PVFS Google Group; Lou's Reviews - Habib Koite & Bamada)
  • February (Spencer Lewis; Theme: Shyness)
  • January (Geoff Kaufman; Theme: Lies; Calendar)


  • December (Jackson Gillman; Theme: Truth; Where's the Calendar?)
  • November (Laura Wood; Theme: Disappointment / Vindication)
  • October (Late Bloomers; Theme: Rulers; Lou & Peter Berryman Concert; Bob Blue wins Magic Penny Award)
  • September (Gordon Hellegers; Theme: School; Two House Concert Series Schedules; Help Wanted Concert Organizers)
  • July (Tom Neilson; Theme: Freedom; New recordings by April Grant, Francisco Hernandez, Gordon Hellegers, Chris Pureka, Susan Bassett, Tom Neilson and Richard Docker)
  • June (Daniel Keene; Theme: Wishes; Summer folk festivals and series; Paul Kaplan in concert)
  • May (Max Cohen; Theme: Flying)
  • April (Laura Siersema; Theme: Transformation; New England Folk Festival; Montague Bookmill series)
  • March (Chris Pahud; Theme: Adventure; Folklorist John Cohen at Hampshire; Clean Living Reunion & Benefit)
  • February (The Boys of the Landfill; Theme: Leadership; New recordings by Mark Erelli, Brooks Williams, Randal Bays and Dáithí Sproule, Stephen Kellogg; Amherst International Folk Dancing; Lou's Reviews - Randy Newman, Trio Medićval)
  • January (April Grant; Theme: Togetherness; Valley music alums in the movies; PMN Winter Gathering; Lou's Reviews - Works in progress)


  • December (Erik Balkey; Theme: Death; WUMB artist poll; A Net Station Antarctic folk radio; Lou's Reviews - Norman Schell)
  • November (Norman Schell; Theme: Birth; Lou & Peter Berryman; Liza Constable releases In My Girlish Days; Lou's Reviews - La Bottine Souriante)
  • October (Chris Brashear; Theme: Money; Lou & Peter Berryman; New Valley Recordings - Cliff Eberhardt; Lou's Reviews - La Bottine Souriante)
  • September (Judy Polan; Theme: Hope; New Valley recordings by Norman Schell, Underbelly, Chris Brashear; Lou's Musical Musings)
  • July (Polly Fiveash & Anand Nayak; Theme: Struggle; New recordings by José González, Rani Arbo; More summer music series)
  • June (Jacqueline Steiner; Theme: City Streets; Porter-Phelps-Huntington concert series; 2003 summer folk festivals)
  • May (Katie Green; Theme: Bloomers; Lyn Hardy on WAMC; 1794 Meetinghouse Series; Lou's Reviews - Greg Brown)
  • April (Thea Hopkins; Theme: Games; Keepers of the Word Festival; Springfield Storytellers Association; Lou's Reviews)
  • March (Tom McCabe; Theme: Betrayal; Parents' Choice awards to Roger Tincknell, Motoko and Dennis Caraher; Lou's Reviews - John Coltrane's masterwork, A Love Supreme)
  • February (Jack Kid; Theme: Cold; Hootenanny at P.A.C.E.; Paul Kaplan After the Fire CD Release Show; Lou's Reviews - Top 10 2002 CDs plus Catie Curtis at Stone Soup)
  • January (Cath Oss; Theme: My Favorite Things; Local Sacred Harp sings; Stone Soup Café 2003 schedule; Lou's Reviews - 2 CDs from Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Project)


  • December (John Porcino; Theme: Light; Pioneer Arts Center of Easthampton; Winter Solstice Celebration in Colrain; Local music & storytelling books; Lou's Reviews)
  • November (Molly Scott; Theme: Politics; Broque, Dana Robinson and Markamusic CD releases; Welcome Yule in 18th season; Lou's Reviews - Aimee Mann's Lost in Space)
  • October (Donna Hébert; Theme: Mystery; John Roberts concert; Wholesale Klezmer Band 20th anniversary; Lou's Reviews - Josquin Des Prez / The Clerks)
  • September (Kate O'Connor; Theme: Wild Things; Lou's Reviews - Márta Sebestyén and Muzsikás)
  • July (Richard Evers; Theme: Roots; G.A.I.A. summer drum circles; Amandla Chorus seeks basses; Lou's Reviews - Wayne Shorter Quartet)
  • June (Eliot Bronson; Theme: Fears; Lou & Peter Berryman concert review; Swimming to the Other Side profile; Summer Folk Festivals; Lou's Reviews - Kate Rusby; Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer; Richard Shindell)
  • May (Bob Norman; Theme: Colors; Lou & Peter Berryman; Fast Folk Magazine Retrospective)
  • April (Terry Kitchen; Theme: Food; Lou & Peter Berryman; Club 47 and the early Cambridge folk scene; Pete Seeger; Lou's Reviews - Lewis Spratlan's Life Is a Dream)
  • March (Jerry Bryant; Theme: Women; Children's Music Network; Bob Blue concert photos; Lou's Reviews - Anonymous 4)
  • February (Rona Leventhal; Theme: Survival; Spinning Tales, Weaving Hope; Wendell Full Moon Coffeehouse; Buddy & Julie Miller's song, Rachel)
  • January (Francis Doughty; Theme: Resolutions & Revolutions; Bob Blue Concert; Lou's Reviews - Taj Mahal, Lucy Kaplansky, Best albums of 2001;  New Pioneer Valley releases)


  • December (Hugh Blumenfeld; Theme: Gifts; New CDs from Signature Sounds and Josee Vachon;  Taj Mahal visits home)
  • November (Judy Polan; Theme: Birds; 2nd Sunday Cofeehouse 2002 Schedule;  Ghazal Concert Review)
  • October (Debra Cowan; Theme: Transitions; Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen concert; Northampton Music Festival; Music Review by Lou Wigdor)
  • September (Marge Bruchac; Theme: Beginnings; Stone Soup Coffeehouse Schedule; Connecticut Open Mic List)
  • July (Jim Henry; Theme: Growing; Country dance links; Pioneer Valley Songbag update)
  • June (Elizabeth Farnsworth; Theme: The Moon; Bill Domler Memorial Benefit Concert; Summer Folk Festivals; Dirty Linen Gig Guide; Pioneer Valley Songbag update)
  • May (Sue Kranz & Ben Tousley; Theme: Land; Peter Berryman's Whither Zither columns; Clowning workshop; Pioneer Valley Songbag update)
  • April (Tom Juravich; Theme: Smells; W.A.M! Festival; Banjo Camp North; Pioneer Valley Songbag)
  • March (The Blarney Pilgrims -- Van Kaynor and Paul Kaplan; Theme: Reptiles and Amphibians; Debra Cowan releases The Long Grey Line; PVFS Happenings back issues)
  • February (Susan Conger; Along the River release; Theme: Sweethearts; 2nd Sunday Coffeehouse; Pioneer Valley entertainment guides)
  • January (Davis Bates; Montague Bookmill series; Theme: Childhood Memories; People's Music Network Winter Gathering; Best of Broadside Grammy nomination)


  • December (Kelly Erwin and Warren Graham; Theme: Weather/Solstice; Welcome Yule; Winter celebrations)
  • November (Tim Van Egmond; Theme - Gratitude; Dana Robinson concert; Stone Soup Coffeehouse; Orrin Starr Bluegrass guitar workshop; Rise Up Singing with Harmony)
  • October (Richard Berman; Theme: The Supernatural; Dana Robinson; Leon Rosselson)

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