Bowdoin Class of '73 Reunion

May 30, 1998


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With the demise of the Alpha Eta chapter, Chi Psi is now 7 Boody St. 7 Boody St. Senior Center Senior Center, site of the '73 water balloon attack and giant kite launch.
Edmund B. "Ned "  and Mary Stanton. Ned and Mary Stanton Dave Macomber Dave Macomber, Class of '67.
The Schoen-man The Schoen-man The Frat Pack The Frat Pack -- L to R:
Al Christenfeld, John Schoen, Fred Brown, Mike Macomber, Me, Karl Wassmann, Jay Robbins, Jim McHugh
The Quad and Hubbard Hall The Quad and Hubbard Hall Polar Bear Polar Bear


The Kite

The Kite (June 1973)