May 2-5, 1998


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pancakes~.jpg (6853 bytes) Annie Macomber treated me to some of her pancakes.
john~.jpg (6611 bytes) John gets ready to unleash a slap shot.
annie~.jpg (5989 bytes) Annie.
charlie~.jpg (6176 bytes) Charley, the incomparable Rhodesian Ridgeback.
macombers~.jpg (9559 bytes) The Macomber clan.   Standing, left to right: Anne, Carol, Mike, John.  Sitting: Charley.
bobsrace~.jpg (7616 bytes) Bob Weiner at the start of the Capitol Hill 3K.  Bob still has what it takes to keep up with the youger runners.
bobandpat~.jpg (9093 bytes) Bob and Pat, after finishing.
fdr~.jpg (8184 bytes) Margo, Bob and Pat relax on the steps of the new FDR Monument.
abe~.jpg (4017 bytes) Lincoln Memorial.
mall~.jpg (5555 bytes) View of the Reflecting Pool and Washington Monument from Lincoln Memorial.