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The Best of Bob Blue -- 2 CD Set

The Best of Bob BlueWelcome to the World of Bob Blue...

Bob Blue's songs celebrate ordinary people, in their play and struggle, joy and pain.  So Bob invited a lot of his "ordinary" friends to sing several here for you.  Some of us are professional musicians, some are amateurs.  Some are teachers, some are children.  All of us know and love Bob, and all of us volunteered our time and our talents to bring these songs to life for him in our own special ways.

Some of the songs have been recorded in the studio, some in the classroom, and some at live events.  Most are recorded here for the first time, some are from earlier recordings.  Several of the songs were written as part of musicals Bob wrote and directed with children, giving voice to characters from The Hobbit, Alice and Wonderland, The House at Pooh Corner, and more.  Some were written to be sung at protest actions, some to empower children, some to help adults understand children (and vice versa!), some to help us poke fun at our own attitudes and foibles.  Bob's own voice is here from different stages in his life.

An elementary school teacher for over 20 years, Bob used music to inspire his teaching and children to inspire his songwriting (adults, too!).  In his daily work with children and through his adult concerts, Bob's music has had a genuine impact in the world.  Forced by multiple sclerosis to retire from teaching several years ago, Bob has continued his work with children as a volunteer in a classroom nearly every day and writes about children, education, and life in a weekly newspaper column.  Bob is also a founder of the Children's Music Network, and international organization of teachers, musicians, parents and young people.

This CD set is a collage of Bob's work over the years.  His unique insights, philosophies, generosity of spirit, and compassion for all the people shine through these musical gems.  People of all ages have been deeply affected by his delightful humor and his poignant wisdom.

Listen to these songs with the introductions in front of you and let Bob's own words welcome you into the world of Bob Blue.

-- Joanne Hammil and Verne McArthur

CD1: Rise Again CD2: More Than One Way
  1. The Eensy Weensy Spider (3:21)
    Charlie King
  2. My Mom Was a Hippie (1:36)
    Emily & Molly Cooksy
  3. Their Way (3:57)
    Bob Blue
  4. The Sandbox (4:18)
    Sally Rogers
  5. Dear Mr. President (3:09)
    Katheryn Geha
  6. Hollywood Romance (2:54)
    Bob Blue
  7. To Have An Address (1:40)
    Dean Stevens
  8. Size (1:32)
    Children's Chorus, Joanne Hammil, Dir.
  9. The Work That I Do (2:30)
    Linda Pollack-Johnson
  10. What Matters (2:54)
    Rachel Libon
  11. My Porcelain Bowl (2:44)
    Joanne Hammil
  12. While I'm Here (2:18)
    Paul Kaplan
  13. Not In Our Town (4:30)
    Verne McArthur, Sarah Pirtle & PMN Chorus
  14. There Aren't Any Dodoes Anymore (1:46)
    Lara Shepard-Blue
  15. When The End Came (3:29)
    Bob Blue
  16. Rebecca Jones (5:49)
    Susie Burke
  17. Mistakes (1:46)
    Chris Gentes, Ben Howard & Blake Marcus
  18. High Standards (1:53)
    Rick Goldin
  19. A Little Night Words (6:07)
    Jackson Gilman
  1. More Than One Way (2:47)
    Phil Hoose, Verne McArthur, Sandy Pliskin, Jane Sapp, Pete Seeger & PMN Chorus
  2. Benny Miller (2:56)
    Ben Tousley
  3. A Family Album (3:33)
    Ben Howard & Blake Marcus
  4. The Baggins and the Took (1:39)
    Joanne Hammil & Anne Louise White
  5. My Landlord (2:45)
    Emily Keefe
  6. Standing Still (4:08)
    Anne Louise White
  7. This Kind of a Day (3:01)
    Chris Gentes
  8. Chromosomophobia (2:24)
    Allan Arnaboldi
  9. Working for the Wicked Witch (2:06)
    Children's Chorus, Debbie Friedlander, Dir.
  10. The Ballad of Erica Levine (3:21)
    Bob Blue
  11. Freedom to Choose (4:47)
    Kim Wallach
  12. My Hobbit Hole (3:53)
    Martha Leader
  13. Rachel (2:38)
    Joanne Levy
  14. Pineapple Rag (5:09)
    Bob Blue
  15. Courage
    Cate Levin
  16. Pigs (5:45)
    Bob Blue


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