Paul Kaplan



Paul Kaplan has a rare gift for writing and singing songs in the old troubadour tradition. His new CD After the Fire is reminiscent of the works of Gordon Lightfoot and Stan Rogers, with beautiful melodies and strong narratives seamlessly crafted into one classic ballad after another. This is the work of a master.

- David Massengill

I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by “Carrion Crow” - outstanding match of powerful, tradition-based tune to powerful, poetic lyrics that apply so directly to the tragic state of the world, much of it caused by our own national administration! Again, thank you, and congratulations.

- Ed Brown (U’nI Coffeehouse, Springfield, Mass.)

Eat your heart out, Wayne Newton.

- Car Talk

One of the best lyricists America has.

- Chatham Magazine

You have all the goods in your songwriting. I’m hearing your songs on the lips of many as I travel, so you are making your mark.

- Tom Paxton

A master at both comic writing and serious composing.... From the moment he started to sing he had the audience eating right out of the palm of his hand.

- Aquarian Weekly

I am a big fan of Paul Kaplan. I love his singing... I love his songs.

- Pete Seeger