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Printed catalogs and price guides for worldwide, country-specific and topical stamps.

General Catalogs

Michel Michel Worldwide catalogs published in Munich, Germany.
Scott Scott Launched in 1867 when it printed a one-page list, Scott Publishing now issues an annual 6-volume worldwide catalog and the popular Specialized Catalogue of U.S. Stamps and Covers.
Stanley Gibbons Stanley Gibbons Founded in 1865, the London publisher Gibbons produces a variety of general and specialized catalogs.
Yvert et Tellier Yvert et Tellier Multi-volume worldwide catalog from France.

Country and Topical Catalogs

AFA AFA Aarhus Frimśrkehandels of Denmark publishes Scandanavian and other European catalogs.
AFINSA AFINSA Catalogs covering the stamps of Portugal, Portuguese colonies, and African countries where Portuguese is the official language.
Backman Backman Anders Backman has compiled catalogs of Tuva and the Channel Islands.
Bale Bale Catalog of Israel stamps and postal history.
J. Barefoot J. Barefoot Specializing in European revenues and  other specialist material.
Bolaffi Bolaffi Italy and colonies.
Brusden-White Brusden-White Publisher of the multi-volume Australian Commonwealth Specialists' Catalogue.
Campbell-Paterson Campbell-Paterson Loose-leaf color catalog of New Zealand stamps.
Ceres Ceres France and her colonies.
AFA DAKA The Belgian company, DAKA, publishes Scandanavian catalogs.
Domfil Domfil Domfil of Spain specializes in thematic catalogs covering topics  such as chess, dinosaurs, sports and railway stamps.
Facit Facit Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Faeroe Islands, Greenland, Danish West Indies, Iceland, Finland and Ňland.
Krause-Minkus Krause-Minkus In addition to the Krause-Minkus Standard Catalog of U.S. Stamps, Krause publishes the Brookman price guides.
Lithuanian Postage Stamps Catalog Lithuanian Postage Stamps Catalog Begins in 1990 with the restoration of independence to Lithuania.
Marka Ukrainy Marka Ukrainy Ukraine catalog compiled by Center-Publishing House.
Official Marshall Islands Postage Stamp Catalog Official Marshall Islands Postage Stamp Catalog Marshall Islands, 1984-95.
Newfoundland Specialized Stamp Catalog Newfoundland Specialized Stamp Catalogue Covering the issues of Newfoundland.
Norgeskatalogen Norgeskatalogen The postage stamps of Norway.
NVPH NVPH Stamps from the Netherlands.
OfficiŽe Belgische Postzegelcatalogus OfficiŽle Belgische Postzegelcatalogus Official catalog of the stamps of Belgium.
Phila India Phila India Specialized catalog of Indian philately.
Philex Philex German-language catalogs for European countries and the U.N.
Prifix Prifix Annual Luxembourg price guide.
RHM RHM Philatelic Rolf Harald Meyer Company, cataloger of Brazilian stamps and postal history.
Sassone Sassone Two-volume color catalog of Italy and colonies.
Sakura SAKURA Color standard catalog of Japanese stamps, distributed by the Japan Philatelic Society.
SBK SBK Schweizer Briefmarken Katalog -- catalog of Switzerland stamps, offered in German or French.
Seven Seas Seven Seas Australia and territories.
The Stamps of Iran 1999 The Stamps of Iran 1999 In English and Farsi.
Unitrade Unitrade Specialized catalog of Canadian stamps.
Vlastos Vlastos Two-volume catalog of Greece and Cyprus.
Zberatel Zberateľ Slovakia.
Zumstein Zumstein Switzerland and Liechtenstein.


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