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Development Issues

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The South Amherst Conservation Association has been working for more than two years to try to save the former Rock Farm on South East Street, an environmentally rich piece of land which is threatened with a high density development of 17 luxury condominiums.  This is a critical piece of conservation land because:

  • It appears to be the last piece of unprotected property adjacent to the Norwottuck Rail Trail from Route 116 to the town line.

  • It is the home of an extensive wetland and borders a vernal pool.

  • This is a destination point for birdwatchers and other wildlife enthusiasts.  Owls, red-tailed hawks, milk snakes, coyotes, painted turtles, muskrats, and spotted turtles (which were until recently listed as a Species of Special Concern) have all been spotted on or next to this land;

  • This land has the only road (and the only visible access point from South East Street) to 89+ acres of town owned conservation land on the other side of the Rail Trail.

  • Adjacent to this land is an APR protected farm which could suffer drainage problems due to the proposed high density development.

The South Amherst Conservation Association is conducting a Pledge Drive to raise funds to buy this land.  We are hopeful that other conservation groups and the Town of Amherst will join our efforts and together we can preserve this prime conservation land for future generations. 

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For more information about the Pledge Drive or the land preservation effort, please contact Carol Gray at (413) 256-0433.

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Updated on March 30, 2013

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